The Disappointments Room - Review

I have always been a fan of anything spooky or horror, especially movies. Due to the countless number of horror flicks I have watched, the benchmark I have for these movies have become higher as I watched one after another over time. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not a legit film critic or anything near it. It is just that I have already come to know what and what doesn’t scare me when talking about films.

I was more than thrilled when I was given the chance to do a film review at Limketkai Cinemas and it was 'The Disappointments Room', a film by D. J. Caruso starring Kate Beckinsale and Mel Raido. Well, who was I to decline when I am watching and reviewing a movie in my favorite genre and in my favorite Movie house? It’s Limketkai Cinemas!

So here’s my honest to goodness take on the film, I do acknowledge that film review isn’t my expertise and yeah, I am not an expert in the technicalities of films but I shall let you read whatever my thoughts are after seeing the movie. Please read on:


After a tragic loss of their family member- a baby daughter, Dana and David with their son Lucas leaves their Boston lives to move into a country house to start anew. Not so soon, Dana, the mother who is an architect discovers a hidden room not included in the house's floor plan. Through the help of the town's local Historian, Dana soon discovers that the room hides a disappointing and disturbing secret.

The film falls into the suspense, thriller and horror genre. Its plot - a family moving into a new house with a dark past is somehow common for horror movies but the thrill always lies with the guessing game of the mystery that lies inside it. More so, the typical use of flashback (although the only appropriate approach) for discovering the house's secret is another commonality, plot wise. However, the idea of the 'Disappointments Room' would be new to the consciousness of audiences leaving them questioning if its existence actually occurred at one point in the history of American society.

Kate Beckinsale, far from her dreamy character in ‘Serendipity’, perfectly portrays her role as a self-assured architect but an emotionally and mentally disturbed mother. Her confrontation with her husband leading to her breakdown is expectedly one of the movie's most remarkable scenes.

Raido’s  character Surely gives the impression of a manipulative and doubtful husband in almost half of the movie. In the end however, his calm and understanding approach to the situation proves the speculations wrong. One question that the audiences will throw however would be - 'did he believe in the end that the house is haunted'? There was no clear answer to that.


The actual encounter of Dana with the Blackers (the haunting family) were very short - she did not actually give justice to the child since the father's ghost still haunts the house in the end, leaving possible speculations of a second installment which might be doubtful considering the film’s low return in the box office.

Generally though, the film for me isn’t at par with James Wan’s masterpieces which is all the craze in terms of horror movies. There are again, a few encounters between the central character and the ghosts of the house. There is no clear reason why Judge Blacker hates Dana so much (aside from them moving in the house) and the ‘illusion’ part made Dana a psychotic instead of someone who is experiencing paranormal activities. I do not mean to be comparing both directors in terms of skill and I am not questioning Wentworth Miller’s script writing prowess; I am just highlighting the film’s lack of thrilling progressions and its lack of horror vibe thereof.

Although deemed a commercial and critical flop in the international box office, I still have to give D. J Caruso a thumbs up for this film.  And although the film has a common plot, not-so-scary scenes and Miller’s confusing script sequence, surprisingly still, 'The disappointments room' lives up to the suspense and thrill it is expected to give the viewers. Although expected as a horror movie in its entirety it will later unfold to be more of suspense and thriller one. However, viewers will still get a fair share of spine-tingling moments from the film.


Take away from the film -

The film's major lessons are those of self-forgiveness and forgiveness in general, good parenting, and surpassing life's disappointments. The film will also remind us the morals of one's right to a good life. It will teach us that we do not have the right to consider anybody as 'disappointments' and decide for their respective fates on their behalf.

So there, if I missed any aspect of the film worth mentioning in this review, you can always leave a comment so that we can discuss, I love hearing ideas you know?

Halloween is just around the corner. What's a good Kickstart to feel the horror season but a horror movie? Make sure not to miss the thrill! 'The Disappointments Room' is now showing in Cinema 4 of Limketkai Cinemas in either schedules

 6:10 P.M  and 8:30 P.M (last full show)

make sure to watch it at these times!

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