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The Disappointments Room - Review

The Disappointments Room - Review I have always been a fan of anything spooky or horror, especially movies.

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Billy Lynn's long Halftime Walk - Review

‘It’s ironic that we are honored for the worst day of our lives’  – Specialist BILLY LYNN   This epic movie takes us into a roller coaster ride of emotions.

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Meows and Ohs, Wows and Paws

Meows and Ohs, Wows and Paws Proof that CDO is slowly becoming a top-tier city in terms of food destination are the multitudes of Restaurants that give us good problems of choosing where to relieve our gastronomical needs.

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Dave’s Beanery, The classic cozy

Dave’s Beanery,  The n ew 'it' of caf es  In a bustling city where cafes has become a hit,  shops serving frappes, coffee, milk tea, pastry, pizza, blended drinks and what-not suddenly popped out almost anywhere like mushrooms.

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